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kSense cuts the time to build internal reporting tenfold. Stop wrestling with ETL upkeep, Data Warehouse management, and bespoke BI tools.

Own Your Data
Pull in your data from all sources and merge it in one place.
Always Free!
  • 1 API integration
  • 1 User
  • SQL Editor
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  • Basic API Integrations (?)
  • SQL Query Editor
  • Hourly Sync
  • Visual Graph Builder
  • Up to 5 users
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Highly Configurable
  • Enterprise Integrations
  • On-Prem Deployment
  • Custom API Connections
  • Python Scripting Engine
  • Plug'n'Play ML strategies
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Frequently Asked Questions
How does kSense work?

Link your datasource.
Perform JOINS using SQL.
Create your graphs and reports.
Share with your team.
Can I use my own database?

Yes! Enterprise plan includes an option to store data on-prem. Your data never leaves your infrastructure.
What services does kSense supports?
kSense works with any data source if it speaks JSON, XML, or Protobuf. We parse the underlying API documentation and map it to our system.
Is my data secure?

kSense comes with best in class security and optional on-site data encryption. On top of that, Enterprise plans enable you to keep data on-prem.
Can I export my data?

Yes! You own your data and can access it from outside of kSense with ease. Sync with Google Sheets in one click or access directly via SQL and plugin your favorite BI tools.
How often kSense syncs data from datasources?
We sync as close to realtime as possible down to one minute intervals to make sure your data remains up to date. No need to worry about rate limits or duplicates.